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Hey, this is _pawn. I created this layout. So there are several messages just like this one hidden all over this layout.
My name is mindhorn.

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Saturday 29th July 2006 @ 2:08pm

[ mood | high ]

Hello there...

I just discovered this...Oh btw im Eve on the forums/RP. Im guessing no one ever reads this anymore but hey...

The plunger ranger thing was before my time, so can anyone explain it to me?

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Plunger Rangers? [
Friday 3rd February 2006 @ 9:28pm

[ mood | silly ]

Mwahaha. I came across the books 3 weeks ago. Totally loved em, so I'm joining. So... 'ello. :)
Question, though: I haven't received anything from the official website yet, not since I joined there. So what's this whole plunger ranger thing? Anyone care to enlighten moi??? X)
-kp/krazy / FBG


Light-plungers [
Saturday 31st December 2005 @ 8:36pm

Ahh. At last i have found true happiness. The source of this unnatural happiness? Why the fact that we now have light-plungers!!! *squeals*
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Plunger Ranger Powers [
Saturday 31st December 2005 @ 6:55pm
So if this is about Plunger Rangers and i can't be bothered to read through 42 pages of Plunger Rangering.....then what is everyone's special powers?
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Friday 30th December 2005 @ 9:37pm
Its meeeee! Now wat do we do?
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Friday 30th December 2005 @ 9:35pm
Soo what do we do know?
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Wednesday 28th December 2005 @ 11:16am

Welcome to the first and, thus, most dismal of the cherub communities. Please enjoy your stay, chat nicely and serve your plunger ranger lords without question.
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